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Ceramic Coating Prices

Crystal Ceramic Coating


In order to ensure proper bonding and longevity your vehicle will receive a full decontamination wash. This wash is then followed by a paint enhancement to remove minor scratches and swirls. After preparation is complete we will apply a 3-year gloss-enhancing ceramic coating. 

Pro Ceramic Coating


Our Pro Ceramic coating offers enhanced self-cleaning and water-beading properties. This generates an easier-to-clean surface, while also protecting your paint for up to six years! With this option not only do you receive a higher performance coating, but your vehicle will be corrected to a like-new finish.

Max Ceramic Coating


This industry-leading ceramic coating produces an extreme gloss, maximum slickness, and is one of the thickest coatings on the market! Similar to our Pro Coating package, this option comes with a full (90%+) correction to ensure your vehicle leaves looking like-new.

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