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Top Quality Automotive Detailing Services Located in Melrose, Iowa


Traditional Detailing Services


Interior & Exterior Detailing

Our interior and exterior detailing package has been specially crafted, over the years, to meet the budget of most customers, while providing the most thorough service possible.


  • Pre-Wash & 2 Bucket Hand Wash

  • Wheel & Tire Cleaning

  • Bug & Light Tar Removal

  • 3 Month Ceramic Sealant

  • Clean & Protect Door Jambs

  • Clean Interior & Exterior Glass

  • Vacuum

  • Clean & Protect Interior Surfaces

  • Clean & Condition Leather Seats

  • Deep Clean & Revive Rubber Floor Mats


Optional Services

At Griffin Detailing we make it our goal to provide options at every price point and budget. This is why we offer our base interior and exterior detailing service, with the option to add extra services as needed. These services may include seat shampooing, carpet cleaning/shampooing, odor remediation, etc.


  • Cloth Seat/Upholstery Shampooing

  • Carpet Cleaning/Shampooing

  • Interior Odor Removal

  • Headliner Cleaning

  • Windshield Ceramic Coating

  • Trim Restoration

  • Leather Ceramic Coating

  • Fabric Ceramic Coating

What Sets Griffin Detailing Apart?

We take years of detailing training and experience combined with the highest quality products on the market to detail your vehicle to the highest standard around. Our team is able to inspect your vehicle upon arrival and guide you to the best set of options based on the condition of your vehicle, and any specific requests made.

The list of benefits when it comes to detailing your vehicle is endless, but we will list a few of them. The most known benefit is the increase in looks, both inside and out. By having your vehicle detailed, the exterior will be glossier and the interior will retain the appearance it had leaving the factory. Another great benefit to having your vehicle detailed is the protection gained from the elements. The surfaces of your vehicle, whether inside or outside, are heavily susceptible to UV damage. Over time UV radiation will cause cracking, fading, and oxidation on many surfaces of your vehicle. However, at Griffin Detailing we apply a UV protectant to all surfaces of your vehicle, preventing any UV radiation from reaching these delicate surfaces. Every detail we perform will be registered to CarFax, showing "vehicle detailed", to ensure the value of your investment reflects the care put into it.

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