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  • Give your wheels and tires the ultimate deep clean with minimal effort.
  • Grime dissolving technology penetrates deep into wheel and tire surfaces.
  • Eliminates heavy dirt, stubborn brake dust, road contaminants and tire browning


3D GLW Series Wheel & Tire Cleaner is the unrivaled solution for achieving an immaculate deep clean for your wheels and tires. This advanced cleaner is engineered to penetrate deep into your wheel and tire surfaces, targeting and eliminating heavy dirt, stubborn brake dust, and other road contaminants. It's grime dissolving technology penetrates deep to easily wash away buildup on wheels, sidewalls and wheel well areas.


This cleaner is meticulously formulated to be ultra-effective, yet gentle and safe for various wheel finishes, including clear-coated, powder-coated, chrome, alloy and painted wheels. On tires this cleaner works diligently to restore them to their original deep, dark black finish. Say goodbye to unsightly brown discoloration and the toughest residues!


3D GLW Wheel & Tire Cleaner

1 Fluid ounce
Excluding Sales Tax
Will ship within 1 week
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