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  • Cleans dirt and grime between spokes and into the barrels of your wheel.
  • Flat blade for cleaning tight areas.
  • Blade is firm and bendable for access and leverage.
  • Plush microfiber cover with strong, yet gentle fibers for safe wheel cleaning.
  • 19 inches long with 12 inch microfiber working end.


Autofiber's Barrel Blade Wheel Brush is the latest innovation in wheel cleaning! The Barrel Blade cleans away dirt and grime between spokes and cleans deep into the barrels of your wheels. The flat blade allows you access to tight sections between calipers and tight spokes. The blade is bendable with just the right amount of firmness, allowing you to curve the blade to conform the shape to the barrel of the wheel. With its right amount of firmness you can clean easy knowing that the blade will hold its shape, providing you scrubbing leverage as you clean!


The Plush Microfiber Cover is gentle on your wheels surface while still providing excellent cleaning ability, ensuring your wheels will be clean scratch free. The cover snaps securely onto the blade so you don't have to worry about it falling off and can be removed for easy laundering. Replacement covers are also available.


Autofiber Barrel Blade

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