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  • Ready to use.
  • Beauty: Instantly enhances the gloss, depth, and smoothness of your paint.
  • Easy to use in almost any environment. 
  • Hydro2 Lite can be used after every time you wash.
  • Ease of Use: Spray on and rinse off.
  • Versatility: Use on any surface.
  • Dirt and water repellency: Dirt and water are repelled from the surface.
  • Instant vehicle release: No cure time needed.
  • Less wiping: With no more wiping and buffing waxes or sealants on and off the paint there is less chance of scratches. 
  • UV protection.
  • Resistant to nearly all acids, alkaline solutions, and solvents.
  • Durability: 3 months or more.

CARPRO Hydro2 Lite

1 Fluid ounce
Excluding Sales Tax
Will ship within 1 week
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