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  • Effectively and safely lifts and captures dirt leaving behind a sleek finish.
  • The protective hydrophobic layer offers extreme dirt repellency and lasts up to 3 months.
  • Safe for use on all paint finishes, including matte and satin finishes.
  • Super concentrated.


Gtechniq's Ceramic GWash is a revolutionary super concentrated all-in-one shampoo that delivers exceptional cleaning power while leaving behind an extremely durable, dirt-repellent and hydrophobic coating. The advanced, low-suds, high-lubrication formula safely and effectively lifts and captures dirt particles from your paintwork. The hydrophobic coating that is left behind is safe for all paint finishes, including matte and satin finishes.


Ceramic GWash's hydrophobic coating repels water, dirt and other harmful substances for up to 3 months of protection. It will keep your paint looking cleaner longer, reducing future cleaning time. Ceramic GWash can be used on coated or uncoated cars and is an ideal choice when you want to boost the protection on your coated car.

Gtechniq Ceramic G Wash

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