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  • The ultimate everyday tire dressing.
  • Offers a "factory fresh" look with simple application.
  • Builds a repellent, self cleaning layer that keeps the tire clean.
  • Applies to wet or dry tires.
  • Water based formula.


Gyeon's Q2M Tire Express is the ultimate everyday tire dressing! Q2M Tire Express offers a fantastic "factory fresh" look and simple, straightforward application. It's water based formula makes application extremely easy and allows for both a dry and wet application. 

There is no easier way to refresh the look of your vehicle tires than with Q2M Tire Express. It provides a very deep, natural and matte visual effect. It builds a repellent, self cleaning layer that helps to keep the tire clean look great even during rainy conditions. With its simple and straight forward application, Q2M is the perfect daily tire dressing. 

Gyeon Tire Express

1 Fluid ounce
Excluding Sales Tax
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